Textile technology is used to create soft and comfortable fabrics which are capable of interacting with the body. The bioactive minerals which are incorporated in the fibers of Back2You cloths gently stimulate the microcirculation, the blood oxygenation and the regeneration of the cells, acting as a strong antioxidant ally in eliminating toxins and free radicals, the cause of aging.


The bioactive fiber used to manufacture Back2You garments is a combination of nature, history and textile technology formed by:

POLYMERIC MATRIX COMPOSITE: a natural and organic fiber combined with reinforcing materials.

CLAY:  Clay is historically associated with beauty care, wellness and it is also one of the most ancient, effective remedies to treat several disorders.

A COMBINATION OF MINERALS: Unlike other fabrics that claim to contain long lasting additives such as caffeine, aloe or vitamins, Back2You cloth is made of bioactive minerals that really last forever.

COPPER: Copper is a high-tech yarn which has high thermal conductivity characteristics and antibacterial properties. It is an essential element to the human body and it’s effective against free radicals & aging.


Interaction between INNERSHAPE fabric and skin is completely physical, without any direct chemical action.


How does it work?


INNERSHAPE protects you from the sun and gives you energy. Each BACK2YOU garment is made of ‘INNERSHAPE’, a micro fibre that allows to fend off ultraviolet rays harmful to the skin, and absorbs FIR (Far Infrared Rays). FIRs, transferring heat to our bodies, and return body heat in the form of FIRs (Far Infrared Rays). FIRs, also known as “Ray of Life” is able to penetrate and stimulate the microcirculation and to lead our system to regenerate and activate, turning everything into benefits and energy.

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INNERSHAPE activate Cellular MetabolismThe heat generated by FIR through the fibre of BACK2YOU clothes does not disappear. Instead it helps maintaining the right concentration of chemicals in and out of the cells, thereby activating the metabolism. Power and energy for a much deeper well-being. Rejuvenated cells; increase of muscle power; toxin elimination; collagen production boost and less fatigue.

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Fresher legs Reduction of dilated capillaries and varicose veins 85% 9 

INNERSHAPE trigger the increasing of MicrocirculationThe INNERSHAPE components, when touching the skin, trigger a microcirculation increase without any direct chemical action. Improving the microcirculatory system leads directly to strengthening the immune system, cellulite reduction and it also helps fighting circulatory and metabolic diseases. The energy generated by FIRs through the fiber of BACK2YOU clothes does not disappear. On the contrary, it helps to maintain the right concentration of chemicals in and out of the cells, thereby activating the metabolism.

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INNERSHAPE’s roles in Thermoregulation: The INNERSHAPE fiber allows to filter sunlight, rejecting ultraviolets and absorbing FIRs which generate heat favouring thermoregulation. An active thermoregulation it means not only having more energy, but also burning fats. It regulates perspiration, it helps to digest and reducing the lactic acid produced during efforts.

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INNERSHAPE has been proven 

•90% Fresher legs

•85% Reduction of cellulite

•70% Reduction of dilated capillaries and varicose veins

•40% Smoother and more hydrated skin

•30% Improvement in muscle tone

Foto Innershape


Foto Innershape


Foto Innershape


Foto Innershape