All of our leggings, except one (the comfy pants model 030), have the same density of bioactive principles, so your choice can be based just on the style you prefer. 


•The essential leggings (model 001) are a perfect daily treatment for your legs. They are simple and comfortable, the ideal leggings to start with.


•The athletic leggings (model 018) are perfect for fitness and sports activities. Their main features are as follows: flat seams, anti-inflammatory copper inserts, slimming and supporting effect. They also have overlapping layers of INNERSHAPE fabric on the hips and on the stomach, by which they guarantee an intensive action on this specific area.


•The comfy pants (model 030) are the only item in a lighter fabric. Elastic bands free. High-waisted and extra long. Very soft and comfortable. Designed to be worn during the night or while relaxing at home.


•Please notice: every item has its own size range. Always check the size chart.



  • Back2You garments are meant to last. They do not lose their effectiveness by wearing and washing them.
  • Our products do not need either dyeing or dry cleaning. Hand washing with warm water or gentle cycle is recommended, possibly with a protective bag in order to avoid the products to get hooked on other clothes.
  • Some color loss can occur due to the organic nature of the dyeing process.
  • Fabric softeners and harsh detergents are highly discouraged, being the yarn dermatologically tested, nonallergic and free of nickel. Dryer and iron should be avoided so as not to overheat the INNERSHAPE microfibre crystals.
  • avoid the use undergarments which may cause pilling;
  • avoid contact with any kind of ember;
  • precautions must be taken when wearing jewelry and anything that could damage the fabric.
  • we will not accept responsibility for any returned garments with pulled yarns.



  • Back2You garments do not tear up and they do not lose their shape and elasticity. However, some attention is required, because of the yarn thinness. Do not wear: Sizes that are too tight (the bio-stimulating process is activated simply by contact); Rings, bracelets and other partly sharp accessories; Footwear, purses and belts with studs, hooks or stitchings, with which they could rub; Garments made of velcro.



  • What is Innershape?
  • The bioactive fiber used to manufacture BACK2YOU garments is a compound formed by: Polymeric matrix, Clay and Textile technology
    POLYMERIC MATRIX is a natural and organic fiber, reinforced by other materials
  • CLAY is historically associated with beauty care and wellness and it is also one of the most ancient and effective remedies to treat many disorders
  • With THE COMBINATION of nature, history and textile technology we get the INNERSHAPE fabric.
  • How does INNERSHAPE work?
  • With INNERSHAPE you wear your own energy: BACK2YOU garments are made of ‘INNERSHAPE’, a micro-fiber that allows to fend off ultraviolet rays harmful to the skin, and absorbs FIR (Far Infrared Rays). FIRs, transferring heat to our bodies, lead our system to regenerate and activate, turning everything into benefits and energy.
  • INNERSHAPE activates Cellular Metabolism: The heat generated by FIR through the fiber of BACK2YOU clothes does not disappear. Instead, it helps to maintain the right concentration of chemicals in and out of the cells, thereby activating the metabolism. Power and energy for a much deeper well-being. Rejuvenated cells;  increase of muscle power; toxin elimination; collagen production boost and less fatigue.
  • INNERSHAPE promotes Thermoregulation: The INNERSHAPE fiber allows to filter sunlight, rejecting ultraviolets and absorbing FIRs which generate heat favoring thermoregulation. An active thermoregulation means not only having more energy but also burning fats. It regulates perspiration, it helps to digest and reducing the lactic acid produced during efforts.
  • INNERSHAPE triggers the increasing of Microcirculation: The INNERSHAPE components, when touching the skin, trigger a microcirculation increase without any direct chemical action. Improving the microcirculatory system leads directly to strengthening the immune system and preventing cellulite and it also helps fighting circulatory and metabolic diseases.



  • How do I order?
  • Click on "Buy Now" in any product page and the selected products will be automatically added to your shopping cart, you can then complete the order by following the simple purchase procedure.
  • Do the prices include VAT?
  • Yes, all prices on our homepage are inclusive of VAT, the only additions may be shipping costs, where applicable.
  • Can I have the products I buy invoiced?
  • Certainly, when filling in the shipping form there is a specific box where you can enter your VAT code and company tax id code, even if they are the same, and when the products are shipped you will be sent a sales invoice in PDF format to the email address you provided during the purchase procedure.
  • How do I order several products?
  • Click on "Buy now" in any product page, all the selected products are automatically added to your shopping basket, you can then complete the order by following the quite simple purchase procedure. To add more products simply click on the "Continue shopping" button, and repeat the process choosing the products you require.
  • Which payment methods do you accept?
  • Puoi pagare il tuo ordine avvalendoti delle varie opzioni. There are various ways of paying for your order Credit card - VVisa, Mastercard, Maestro, JBC, Postepay, Diner's Club, American Express (ssl) verified by Visa, PayPal, Bank Transfer. All payment methods are secure, what’s more at no time are we able to know your credit card data.
  • How much are transport costs?
  • To check the transport cost tables, go to the Shipping Costs, or select the area on the cart.
  • Why do I have to give you my telephone number and my e-mail?
  • To be able to ship your order it is essential that you give us a telephone number where you can always be contacted and an email address. If you do not give a telephone number and email address the goods cannot be shipped.
  • When will I receive my order?
  • Orders are processed within 48 hours of ordering and you receive an email advising you the order has been processed. Shipment and delivery of in-stock items usually takes around 3 working days. For out-of-stock items our Customer Services will advise you of shipping times.
  • How are my products shipped?
  • Shipments are made by express courier so for everything to go smoothly with the shipment it is important that you provide a telephone number where you can always be contacted and an email address
  • Am I notified before you ship my order?
  • Within 2 days from placing your order you will be advised by email.The goods will be sent to the shipping address you gave in the form.
  • What happens if I am out when you deliver?
  • If the courier passes for delivery and doesn’t find anyone, they will leave calling card with a call free number you can call to agree on another delivery time. After the third call storage charges will be applicable, which imply extra costs for you. In this case you will have to pay the additional costs, calculated on the days of storage.
  • Can I use my right of withdrawal?
  • Certainly, under Law Decree 185 dated 22 May 1999, "Implementation of EC directive 97/7/CE on protection of consumers on distance contracts " you have the right to withdraw from the purchase of any product bought online. (See also the specific page Product Returns)