A strong and clear philosophy: Back2You was born to respond to a need that, latent at first, has become more evident in time: the need of aiming to health and well-being in every life situation, even clothing. When this well-being becomes the kingpin of a person’s life, it becomes very clear that the cure of both body and spirit is not a choice, but an urgent need. We can run, but we must do it in the right direction.

It is not about fashion, and there are no real options. To stop eating bad, to stop polluting and wasting valuable resources: in the end, the recipe to live well is simple and difficult at the same time. Perfection is minimalist, that’s why we need to get rid of the unnecessary and keep the essential, but who does help us to see the difference? Who does educate us?

Back2You clothes protect and also model the body, they defend it from changes in temperature and other external agents, creating a well-being microclimate thanks to the energetic textile infused with bioceramic which is not a magic, but a natural ingredient: it receives the energy that we disperse while moving and it gives that energy back, reducing fatigue, toning up the skin and, quite simply, making us feel good.   

Our mission is to create wellness and comfort in a simple way: wearing Back2You. Go to work, run to catch the bus, climb stairs, hug your children, cook for your friends… live your life at your best, we will take care of you, through an invisible technology.

We live in a beautiful world and we really believe it. It sure is though, but it permits us to be always closer to a healthy lifestyle, we just need to want it. Knowledge is important, and our goal is to be by your side during this extraordinary trip towards your true self. Back2You is more than a brand, it is more than a clothing line, it is a new approach to life.


Some people are difficult to describe, and usually, it happens with the most special, dynamic and eclectic ones. Well, this is the right introduction to Alessandra De Leonardis, the person we will try to present in this paragraph. 

We could make it easy and simply say that Alessandra is the co-founder of Back2You and that her creative mind comes from the exceptional experience as a stylist of the brand Fuerteventura, which literally revolutionized the world of fitness clothes in the 90s.

Her curiosity and her passion for innovation pushed Alessandra to study and test every kind of fabric. Her sensitivity to people’s well-being and her aversion to constrictions made her draw curves, seams and details that were meant to go beyond a fashion concept. Her mission became to create garments that are a pleasure to wear.

Still, the ones who know her understand that this is only one side of her personality. Alessandra is like a child in a candy shop, she is both the child who is happy to be there and the shop owner who makes the cotton candy and creates every lollipop... most of all, she's the one who is committed to making sugarfree candies, since sugar is harmful. She's like a modern wood fairy who doesn't use a magic wand, but the latest technologies and who doesn't look like a wood fairy at all (she might get mad at this comparison). Maybe we should compare her to an astronaut, a seeker of new worlds, a revolutionary warrior... but how could you confine her to only one definition?

Alessandra had a food blog (we convinced her to resume it since there were a lot of nice things in this blog and of course, it was not a simple food blog), she worked in a shop for many years because she loved to talk to people and people loved to talk to her.  She designs not only clothes but also her idea of well-being and of a good life on this planet. She's contagious, that's for sure: she communicates her passion, her desire to go beyond and, at the same time, to find happiness within. 

Ok, we know that we haven't described her properly, but we have told you since the beginning that it was a difficult task! A way of knowing Alessandra is to look at the details (and there are many) of Back2You: if you watch closely, you'll find her touch everywhere.


The founders of the sportswear brand Fuerteventura, which in the 80s invented the concept of Fitness fashion and later contributed to establishing the canon of the “activewear”, are the creators of the Back2You project, where they have put all their knowledge and experience.

The meaning of Back2You is to go back to yourself and rediscover your inner harmony and energy.

It’s a concept and a philosophy about clothing dedicated to the people who believe in a healthy lifestyle and in the responsible use of the planet resources.


For Back2You the safety of the natural environment is important. Our micro-fibers do not require the use of herbicide or animal testing and they do not cause exploitation of the soil.