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Essential Bioceramic Leggings Black

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The daily treatment to keep your legs in great shape. Refreshing. Firming. Improves muscle tone. Reduces cellulite. Clinically tested. With BACK2YOU a simple gesture such as wearing a dress, becomes a moment of attention and self-care. Our innovative and natural fabrics reduce cellulite, relieve tired legs and keep the skin hydrated. Benefits remain unchanged even after unlimited washes, thanks to our textile technology.
Bioceramic infused fabric
Gentle containing effect
Improves subcutaneous microcirculation
Reduces muscle fatigue and relax tired legs
Thermoregulation properties
Balances acid lactic
Grows your muscle tone
Regenerates cell turnover
Hydrates & firms your skin
Intensive anticellulite effect
Reduces the appearance of orange-peel skin

For orders over € 100 no additional charges will be charged, for orders of a lower amount a fee of € 7.5 is required which will be added to the total order.
Free return within 14 days and according to the terms of sale.
Gently wash in warm water, separately with washing powder for delicate items.
No chemical softeneres.
Do not use the tumble dryer.
No ironing.
A fabric so smooth and gentle to caress your body. Very few seams, following the natural shapes and curves of your body. Each garment is, anywhere and at every age.
The body reactivates and regenerates using its own energy.

B2Y is the perfectally of beauty, wellbeing and health. Its use will have an immediate impact on your body: you will feel refreshed and energized, you’ll have a glowing and moisturized skin.
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  • Data: 01 luglio 2019
    CittaMareno di Piave

    Prodotto valido da usare anche per attività sportive.

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  • Data: 26 giugno 2019

    Non se ne più fare a meno!sto in piedi 19 ore al giorno e non mi sembra vero non avere più i lividi da ristagno venoso sulle caviglie la sera!

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  • Data: 18 giugno 2019
    CittaCervignano del friuli

    Tessuto molto piacevole ,lascia la pelle morbida,idratata . Li indosso di notte per comodita' ed al mattino c'e' una grande sensazione di leggerezza alle gambe ed una notevole attenuazione dei dolori alle ginocchia.

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