Back2You Bioceramic Bandana


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For orders over € 100 no additional charges will be charged, for orders of a lower amount a fee of € 7.5 is required which will be added to the total order.
Free return within 14 days and according to the terms of sale.
Gently wash in warm water, separately with washing powder for delicate items.
No chemical softeneres.
Do not use the tumble dryer.
No ironing.
A fabric so smooth and gentle to caress your body. Very few seams, following the natural shapes and curves of your body. Each garment is, anywhere and at every age.
The body reactivates and regenerates using its own energy.

B2Y is the perfectally of beauty, wellbeing and health. Its use will have an immediate impact on your body: you will feel refreshed and energized, you’ll have a glowing and moisturized skin.
REVIEWSCertificate by Feedaty
  • Data: 18 giugno 2019
    CittaCervignano del friuli

    Pratica e comoda ,sempre in borsa per usarla in svariati momenti della mia giornata .

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  • Data: 14 settembre 2019

    Come una seconda pelle, il leggings essential, modella e sostiene le forme, aiuta la micro-circolazione e dona un senso di leggerezza alle gambe. Lo indosso ogni giorno per tante ore e lo considero un vero alleato per il mio lavoro. Sabrina - trainer ginnastica posturale

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  • Data: 14 settembre 2019

    Ho trovato questi prodotti molto validi!!!

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