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Anti-Aging Bioceramic Eye Mask Black

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Intensive Anti-aging treatment and
wrinkle reducer 40% Smoother and more hydrated skin*
Promotes deep relaxation
Designed to transform your sleep in a deep beauty care moment, this perfect trio combines relax for muscles of your neck and shoulders to an anti wrinkle action on the skin.
The Anti-age mask can be used while resting, sleeping or traveling by air. It is perfect to prevent wrinkles and bags under the eyes. A constant use of this product will improve the look of your eyes area, and it will give you a bright and open gaze. The bioactive minerals contained in the fabric last forever.
*results confirmed by clinical trial
For orders over € 100 no additional charges will be charged, for orders of a lower amount a fee of € 7.5 is required which will be added to the total order.
Free return within 14 days and according to the terms of sale.
Gently wash in warm water, separately with washing powder for delicate items.
No chemical softeneres.
Do not use the tumble dryer.
No ironing.
A fabric so smooth and gentle to caress your body. Very few seams, following the natural shapes and curves of your body. Each garment is, anywhere and at every age.
The body reactivates and regenerates using its own energy.

B2Y is the perfectally of beauty, wellbeing and health. Its use will have an immediate impact on your body: you will feel refreshed and energized, you’ll have a glowing and moisturized skin.
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  • Data: 03 gennaio 2020

    Tra tutti i prodotti è quello che devo capire meglio.Spesso al mattino mi è scivolata davvero tutti gli altri sono così fantastici che sono sicura basti prenderci più dimestichezza da parte mia

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  • Data: 14 settembre 2019

    La maschera sembra buona ma è da poco tempo che la uso quindi ci vorrà un po’ x vedere i risultati

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  • Data: 19 giugno 2019
    Cittaponte di piave

    Molto comoda, tessuto traspirante, sembra di non indossarla e protegge dalla luce. Sonno riposante e sguardo più luminoso!

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